5 Davido’s Friends That Have Died Between 2017 And 2020 | He Was Accused Of Killing Number 3 (Photos)

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It is a tough time in the DMW camp as they have just recently lost a valuable member of the popular group. Nigerian singer and the group head, Davido would be the most affected following the death of his personal bodyguard, Ogbeide Tijani Olamilekan who died December 8, 2020. 

The death of Uncle TJ, as Davido fondly calls him, has spurred us to take a look at the singer’s friends and close allies who have died over the years. People often ask why death trails OBO and it is still a mystery most fans have been unable to unravel.

Below is a list if 5 people close to Davido that have lost their lives between 2917 and 2020:

1. DJ Olu

He is a talented DJ in the DMW crew until his death in 2017.

Olugbenga Abiodun popularly known as DJ Olu was found dead alongside another Davido’s friend, Chime Amaechi in a BMW car parked at a garage on Banana Island, Lagos.

2. Chime Amaechi

He is another good friend of Davido, he traveled to the great beyond alongside DJ Olu.

Both died the same day with blood coming out of their mouth and nose.

Police sources revealed that both of them might have died as a result of excessive intake of hard drug substances.

3. Tagbo Umeike

Tagbo‘s death caused a whole lots of controversies and drama for Davido.

Reports had it that Tagbo died after taking 10 Tequila shots on his brithday.

The main reason why his death was attached to Davido was because OBO was present at the scene where his friend was having fun with 10 straight shots of Tequila.

4. Ahmed (King Jhaffi)

The death of Ahmed popularly known as King Jhaffi is the first death 2020 recorded in Davido’s camp.

Davido announced Ahmed’s death with tears in his eyes.

Even though the cause of his death cannot be ascertained yet, it is visible to the blind that this is a painful loss for OBO.

5.Ogbeide Tijani Olamilekan

This will be the second death of Davido’s contacts this year alone. Although the cause of death still unknown but it is largely speculated that Davido’s bodyguard died of complications from a longtime battle with Diabetes.

This death seems to hit Davido the hardest as he reveals that he is tired of being strong. Taking to his Instagram page to mourn his Bodyguard of 11years, Davido wrote:

please tell me I am dreaming … my Tj gone ? What imma do without you uncle Tj ehn … 11 years you did all for me .. put me before you at all times .. all the times I wouldn’t wanna wake up for a show or flight you’d carry me like a baby in the car … no matter what I did right or wrong you were there for me … to allow me spend money sometimes nah problem .. every time ‘david don’t worry I’ll use my card ‘ .. you were such a big person with a baby heart … everyone loved you .. i wanna wake up late for a show so you’d come and carry me again … I don’t even know what I’m typing man … RIP UNCLE TIJANI … tired of being “STRONG”.

Now let’s strike up a conversation. Do you think is jinxed? I mean quite a number of his contacts are losing their lives. Drop your comments below

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