SCAM ALERT: Facebook user identified as “Emily jothan” is an imposter!!!

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Recently, a lady has been duping Nigerians of their hard earn money not knowing, it was a fake account and someone was behind all the head games.

For a while we have been writing about her, we first took note of her when a fan told us about her, and we decided to feature her.

But we decided to run a quick check on her and that was when the whole game bursted, she is using a name on Facebook “Emily Jothan” and has blocked a lot of her friends on Facebook who got to know about the secret behind the fake account.

This morning we were contacted by a long time friend of the imposter, and he told one of our correspondent that the account was not a genuine or authentic one as it is a fake account. And we decided to investigate, by checking a name that was embedded on one of the pic sent to us by this fan of hers, on Instagram the real owner of the picture is from South Africa and is identified as “king.ally3000”.

But the imposter often claims she is mixed race, that her father is from South Africa and mother Nigerian. And she base kaduna, and had recently solicited for funds to refill her gas. And someone had fell victim of it.

And the real owner of the pictures does not operate either Facebook or Twitter. This is what we found on her insta-story this morning.

Please friends who had went through our post to follow the fake account on Facebook, please unfriend her and tag her in this post. Thank you.

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